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The Trap sometimes also refered as Flashbang Trap or Terror Trap is an Item used to Stun Terrors, when they run over it. A stunned Terror cannot kill Players, and can easily be shot down.

infected Players can destroy Traps when not in terror form.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Don't place all 3 down at once if you don't have a camera. It might be a great defense against the Terror if you put it down as he is getting closer to you. It stuns the Terror, when it would grab you (if you do it well).
  • Saving traps for level three can be a good way to defend the exit.
  • Put the traps in narrow spaces to make sure the Terror can't avoid it.
  • Don't put multiple traps together, it's less efficient (except if you already know there is a Yeti, because only 3 traps will have effect of 60% of a normal one.).
  • Look out for strange noises! Only the Infecteds can destroy traps in human form.
  • The Yeti might be immune to Traps (80% reduced effect), you can use it on your side or to counter it before it happens.