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The torch is a flashlight item that can be used to extend the stun status on a previously stunned terror. If a terror has been flashed twice by a camera, holding the torch on them will prevent them from breaking free of the stunned state. It is also possible to put a terror into the stunned state with the torch, but it takes longer than it will take for the terror to get to you and eat you in most situations.

The torch will start out at 100% battery, and it will slowly deplete as you use it.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is a somewhat weak item on its own, but it is very strong against the Werewolf and Experiment terrors when used in tandem with a camera or traps.
  • If you have one torch and you pick up a second one, the second one will basically be deleted. You can refill the battery of your first torch by picking up a second one.
  • The torch is not a flashlight to be used to see around the map, while it does light up areas, it should only be used against terrors.