The Forest

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The Forest
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The Forest is one of the medium sized Maps in Deceit, developed in the CryEngine.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The map is an open forest area filled with trees, small hills, several cabins, a jetty and flood lights. It is comprised of three separate areas, closed off and locked by an automatic security fence which only opens at the end of each round. Each area has a mixture of items you can pick up from the ground such as Ammo and Body Armour as well as pressure-plate activated rewards and target activated rewards such as a Camera, Tracker, Antidote and Lethal Injection.

In the first round, players start in a random location in the first area with only a Pistol and battle against the Terror to toggle a series of switches which activate the use of the rewards. The rewards offer protection during the blackout period of the round where the infected can transform and attack the other players. When a round is complete, gas will deploy in the area to force all players out of that area and into the next. Being a multi-tiered map, players are able to gain a vertical advantage on others by climbing to the top of the small hills.

In the final area of the map players must toggle a switch to activate the escape hatch, toggling the switch will begin the final blackout period of the game. Once the escape hatch has been activated, it can be opened by a player and then used to escape the area and win the round. The Terror must successfully kill all remaining players to be able to win the round.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Skyview[edit | edit source]

Red dots are vents, green lines are doors to next areas, green dots are the escape doors