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The Perk Tree is the location, where Players can unlock Perks. The Perk Tree changes with every Season.

You gain points that you can spend on the perk tree by playing the game. is a website that has perk suggestions for each perk tree.

Completing[edit | edit source]

Reaching the bottom of the Perk Tree, and therefore completing it, rewards the Player with one of the emblems.

Buying every Perk in one Tree, and therefore Fully Completing the Perk Tree, rewards the Player with an improved version of the Emblem received for Completing it.

Currently Available Perks[edit | edit source]

Innocent Perks[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Backstabber.png Backstabber Deal 10% more damage from behind targets.
Blase.png Blase When downed, additional votes cast on you increase your respawn time by 4 seconds instead of 5.
Bounceback.png Bounce Back Regenerate health slowly over time.
Brighteyed.png Bright Eyed See slightly better in the dark without using light sources.
Comeprepared.png Come Prepared Spawn with 100% armour.
Criticalthinking.png Critical Thinking Guns deal 25% extra damage when hitting targets in the head.
Detective.png Detective When looking at a taken blood bag you can see when it was drank by an infected.
Perk escapeartist.png Escape Artist It takes 25% less time for the escape door to open if you’re the one to interact with it.
Evasion.png Evasion Trackers last 50% less time on you.
Eyespy.png Eye Spy You can see nametags when close to people in the dark.
Foresight.png Foresight Active objectives that are within 15 meters of you are waypointed, even if you didn’t help activate them.
Frisk.png Frisk You can see downed people’s items in their nametag.
Goodlighting.png Good Lighting Cameras are 10% more effective against Terrors.
Headstart.png Head Start Each time you respawn you’ll have 25% armour.
Hoarder.png Hoarder Consumable items on the floor are highlighted from further away.
Interrogate.png Interrogate If you’re involved in a vote that passes there is a chance that you will be told if they were infected.

Only one person can be informed per passing vote.

Loaded.png Loaded Start with a full ammo clip in your pistol.
Magneticmag.png Magnetic Mag Bullets have a 20% chance of returning on hitting a target.
Panic.png Panic! 15% increased movement speed when in gas and when the exit is open.
Pleasesir.png Please Sir After completing an objective you will briefly be shown the position of available levers to activate.
Redistribution.png Redistribution You're able to pick your traps back up again.
Saycheese.png Say Cheese Cameras provide an extra flash.
Scavenger.png Scavenger You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up.
Secondchance.png Second Chance When antidoting someone, nearby Terrors will become downed.
Skedaddle.png Skedaddle Move 35% faster (decaying over 3 seconds) after downing Terrors.
Slasher.png Slasher Increased melee damage with the knife.
Sleightofhand.png Sleight of Hand Reload weapons faster.
Solarpowered.png Solar Powered Torches slowly recharge when the lights are on.
Speedyrecovery.png Speedy Recovery Health packs also instantly heal for 25 upon pickup.
Spotting.png Spotting Trackers can now be placed on blood bags, showing an outline of the blood bag's state. This tracker displays only to you and is destroyed upon taking damage.
Stubborn.png Stubborn Levers that you’ve activated require more damage to disable.
Surveillance.png Surveillance If you revive someone you can see their position for 15 seconds.
Perk treadlightly.png Tread Lightly Terrors see your position for less time when they detect your movement.
Triggered.png Triggered Increased trap trigger and blast radius.
Trustissues.png Trust Issues When you pull a lever it takes 5 seconds before the objective becomes active giving you time to get to it first.
Turbotrap.png Turbo Trap Place traps faster.
Unsunghero.png Unsung Hero You will be notified of who took an objective that you’ve activated.

Terror Perks[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Acquiredtaste.png Acquired Taste After drinking a blood bag you will briefly be shown other available blood bags.
Appetiser.png Appetiser Start the Game with Half a Slice of Terror Strength.
Bloodthirsty.png Blood Thirsty In Terror form move 10% faster when moving towards innocents that are carrying fuses.
Bullettime.png Bullet Time Take 25% less damage in Terror form.
Everylastdrop.png Every Last Drop If you respawn in human form you will lose only ½ a slice of Terror strength.
Fullyalert.png Fully Alert At full blood when the lights are on you can see the innocents.
Funsponge.png Fun Sponge You gain half a slice of Terror strength from each objective you deactivate.
Perk heightenedsenses.png Heightened Senses Terror sense highlights Innocents every 4 seconds instead of 5.
Impatient.png Impatient Respawn faster when downed in Terror Form.
Lastlaugh.png Last Laugh When enraged and in Terror form you can see all innocents.
Lifeleech.png Life Leech Get full Terror health when you execute someone.
Lockedon.png Locked On Your Terror sense highlights players with fuses that aren’t running.
Mindyourstep.png Mind Your Step Get an outline on traps when stood near them in human form.
Quietquencher.png Quiet Quencher Make less noise when you’re drinking from blood bags.
Ragerefund.png Rage Refund Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted.
Revitalised.png Revitalised Gain half a slice of blood when revived by an innocent player.
Sixthsense.png Sixth Sense At night all accessible blood bags are highlighted to you.
Slowlydoesit.png Slowly does it Traps require you to be closer to them before they’re triggered.
Stealth.png Stealth Transform in and out of Terror form quieter.
Stepup.png Step Up Other player’s footsteps are louder to you in Terror form.
Surprise.png Surprise Get a burst of movement speed when coming out of a vent.
Vengeance.png Vengeance After respawning in Terror form you can see the player that downed you for 5 seconds.
Weakpoint.png Weak Point There is a 10% chance when damaging a lever that it becomes instantly deactivated.

Retired Perks[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Borrowed Time Objectives captured by you delay the blackout by an extra 25%
Camera Man Start the game with a camera that has 2 charges
Reserves There is a 25% chance that you will only lose half a slice of Terror strength when executing
The Hunt If you stand still for 3 seconds you will go invisible until you move again in Terror form
Undetectable Go invisible for 2 seconds after coming out of Terror form