Patch Notes v4.0.9

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It's finally here! The long awaited Manor map is now playable!

You'll find yourself spawning on the top floor of the Manor, where you have to make your way downstairs, and then out through the garden maze to try to escape.

Until the season reset, you have double the chance of receiving the Manor over other Deceit maps, to give everyone plenty of opportunity to try it out.

Along with that, we released a few minor changes along with the map:

  • Players should no longer be able to stand on top of escape doors as easily in the Asylum
  • Fixed some issues with assets spawning incorrectly during the second area of the Forest, which occasionally resulted in players falling through the map
  • Updated some textures in older maps
  • Fixed some items blocking vents in the Asylum map

We're always looking for feedback, so head on over to our forums to leave any feedback you might have.