Patch Notes v4.0.11

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Bug Fixes


  • Slight nerf to the Yeti Terror attributes and ability
  • You can no longer take bloodbags, items and objectives on floors that haven't been unlocked yet
  • You can no longer interact with fuses and fuseboxes through walls
  • You no longer get infinite executes when performing the action whilst you’re jumping
  • Improved randomness in who is selected as the Terror
  • The ring on ring objectives will now shrink and vanish when the objective is complete
  • Clearer waypoints for doors and fuseboxes, closest waypoint always has 100 alpha

User Interface

  • New loading screen imagery for all maps
  • The transform keybind now shows in the Terror icon at the bottom of the game screen
  • Added customise clothing button the character preference interface
  • Added some instructions to the Loot Booth for new users
  • The cursor should no longer break out of the game window and cause problems
  • Interaction icons on players bodies (scanning, tracking, execute etc) have been moved higher up so they don’t display too low
  • When damaging someone who can be voted out it will now say when your vote is cast


  • A new perk tree has been added
  • The end of round rank and level up now waits for you to give reputation before animating, meaning you will see your progression in these systems
  • Added an icon for people who haven’t prestiged to go behind their level

Map Improvements

  • Addressed collision proxies that permitted unwanted access to objects and areas of the map
  • Added objects to reduce overpowered lines of sight in Forest
  • Removed certain small objects with collision proxies to improve player movement
  • Updated some object collision boundaries to remove the possibility of players getting stuck