Patch Notes V4.0.2

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v.4.0.2 Patch Notes Halloween!

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Halloween event, Candy is scattered around the maps collecting this rewards Halloween points. Halloween points unlock Halloween themed cosmetic items. You can check your progress on the new Halloween event interface screen.
  • Halloween loot booth token, during the Halloween event there is a new loot booth token that will when used in the loot booth gives a chance for getting the 2016 Halloween rewards. They also give some Halloween points based on the rarity of the items you get from the cup that go towards progression in the event. These tokens can only be earned during the event period and any tokens you had before the event will remain but are not converted to Halloween tokens.
  • 2017 Halloween cosmetics, these are unlocked through participation in the event collecting Halloween points.
  • Midnight emblem
  • Terror flesh Wristband
  • Candy Bucket Head (Alex)
  • “My Candy” Victory Pose (Hans)
  • Candy Emblem
  • The Bride Hair (Lisa)
  • Kitty Outfit & Ears (Nina)
  • Terror Flesh Pistol
  • “To Greedy” Defeat Pose (Rachel)
  • Zombie Outfit (Chang)
  • Zombie Hand Melee Weapon
  • Demon Terror Skin
  • The voice indicators now show whether or not the player is using the terror voice chat.
  • When first viewing cosmetics on your profile the default selected character will be your preferred character
  • New Flag themed cosmetics, there are new a pistol and T shirt themed after the Thailand, Turkish, French and Hungarian flags.
  • Werewolf execution animation, the Werewolf terror new has unique and exclusive execution animations if you already own the DLC the terror will have the execution.
  • Added Halloween theme to the Maps.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the torch remaining on when being executed
  • When voting out the final player the game will now wait for the electrocution to finish before ending.
  • Fixed voted out players being able to use voice chat.
  • Fixed voted out players being marked as dodgers if they leave the game early
  • Fixed a potential issue which caused users to remain stuck on the loading screen after the beginning of a game.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Added emblems for seasons 6, 7 & 8
  • The Fuse Boxes are now outlined gold
  • When first viewing cosmetics on your profile the default selected character will be your preferred character