Patch Notes V3.3.0

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v.3.3.0 Patch Notes

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Daily hiscore rewards have been added
  • Top 10 will receive 3 loot booth tokens and 250 credits. Top 100 receives 1 loot booth token and 100 credits to spend in the store
  • Added hit markers for traps
  • Re-designed multiple in-game UI elements including waypoints and item icons
  • Tweaks have been made to the lighting in multiple maps
  • When entering a game the main menu UI now says “Game Found” instead of putting you into a game straight away

Perk Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The ‘Eye Spy’ perk has been re-worked to now allowing you to see name tags at a close distance in the dark, instead of allowing you to see name tags from further away
  • The ‘Interrogate’ perk was changed to “If you’re involved in a vote that passed there is a chance that you will be told if they were Infected. Only one person can be informed per passing vote.” This mean there is no longer a * 100% chance of it working if no one else in the game owns the perk

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed lethal injection stats being incorrectly tracked
  • Emblems that are no longer accessible aren’t shown any more
  • Terrors now regenerate health when out of combat
  • Terrors can now kill multiple people during the enrage period as expected
  • Terrors are no longer transformed back to human form after killing during the enrage period
  • Terrors can now transform correctly after using the lethal injection
  • Players no longer escape if they respawn after being downed on an exit that opens
  • The Interrogate perk no longer has a 100% chance of working if no one else in the game owns the perk
  • The prices of unlocks have been fixed to represent their true value
  • Certain trees have had their colliders change to stop players from getting to unintended parts of the map
  • Limited the values to which the brightness slider can be set to
  • Added more checks to stop people from being unintentionally be put into games
  • Fixed MVP/LVP Steam achievements
  • Fixed the left arrow on the character select screen not showing