Patch Notes V2.0.3

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Before we move onto major content additions to Deceit, we wanted to clean up some of the code and fix a lot of the issues discovered from our new week 1 users, we hope this patch will improve FPS for some people, as well as reduce the number of crashes people are having!

Balancing[edit | edit source]

  • The camera slow and blind effects are halved if the terror isn't facing you
  • Terrors now have 1 second of immunity after being downed

Features[edit | edit source]

  • The main menu now features a high scores which shows the ELO of all of the top players
  • Dead players are shown to terrors on the Q menu
  • Matchmaking will now prioritize grouping users with the same language settings
  • Chinese letters have been added to our font

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issues preventing us from using CryEngine's optimizations
  • Potentially fixed the most common crash players are experiencing
  • Fixed inspection kit being used on the wrong person
  • Fixed a method of 'speed hacking'
  • Fixed a bug where users could pause the game for everyone
  • Fixed being unable to talk while Q was pressed
  • Fixed a visual issue where related graphics settings weren't changed on the main menu's option screen after changing graphics quality
  • Fixed a visual issue where your graphics setting differed between in game and the main menu
  • Fixed traits being shown in the wrong slots
  • Fixed the ranks and high scores of people in your party showing incorrectly on the main menu
  • Reasons for your death are now shown when you die
  • Glow sticks no longer flicker during the gas period
  • You can now use the escape menu during character select
  • Fixed a bug where you could move during the end of round screen

Environment[edit | edit source]

  • General optimization in the forest map
  • Made it clearer for the player to not go back into the previous zone in the forest
  • Forest Lighting tweaks
  • Fixed the forest floor terrain material
  • Fixed a couple of areas in the forest map where you can get stuck
  • Fixed falling out of the map on the ground floor of the asylum and an area in the second floor kitchen where collision acts odd
  • Fixed some doors rotating the wrong direction
  • Added point lights to the escape hatches in the forest
  • Fixed red ball particle
  • Moved character select screen in the forest