Patch Notes (V2.3.0)

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This week we have gotten rid of our boring placeholder menu background and replaced it with a new 3d-scene, which really improves the quality and initial look of the game when you first open it. Along side this we've scrapped our crates system, replacing it with a brand new 'Loot Booth'. Visit the game master, cross his palm with a coin, and play his game to see what sick loot you can win. Players skilled enough to make it onto our highscores will be rewarded with special Bronze/Silver/Gold tokens which can be used for the chance to win exclusive bronze/silver/gold loot only available with these coins.

End of season[edit | edit source]

Now the season is ending, prizes will be handed out and we're prepping for the next season to begin! As we reset, the following will happen:

  • When you log in next you will be displayed your final position for Season 1 and your rewards
  • You will be given a headstart based on your Season 1 rank for this new season, using the formula: (20 - Rank Achieved) in the form of marks towards ranks
  • ELO for everyone has been reset to 1200 to make it fair for the new season

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Added particles to the terror form transformation
  • Dodging a game on the loading screen now results in a loss
  • ELO has now been removed from the loading screen and game details interface
  • Queueing as 4 and 5 man parties has been disabled
  • Players can now report other players that aren't following our code of conduct (
  • The graphics settings menu has been reworked giving users a lot more options to configure (you'll need to check and re-configure, as settings will default to medium)
  • Cosmetics can now be purchased with the currency players have been accumulating
  • Players now have a number next to their name to counter act parties changing their names to be identical
  • If a game starts with just five players, there is now a 30% chance two players are Infected
  • A region selector has been added to determine which servers you prefer to play on

Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Alex:
    • Escape Artist (T1): The escape door opens 25% faster when you're the one to open it
    • Hoarder (T1): Consumable items on the floor are highlighted from further away
    • Skedaddle (T2): Move 35% faster (decaying over 3 seconds) after downing Terrors
  • Chang:
    • Scavenger (T1): You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up
    • Unsung Hero (T1): You will be notified who takes objectives that you pulled the lever for
    • Borrowed Time (T2): Objectives captured by you delay the blackout by an extra 20%
  • Lisa:
    • Critical Thinking (T1): Guns deal 25% extra damage when hitting targets in the head
    • Foresight (T1): Active objectives that are within 15 metres of you are waypointed, even if you didn’t activate them
    • Interrogate (T2): If you’re the deciding vote to eliminate someone you will be told if they were Infected or not
  • Rachel:
    • Bright Eyed (T1): See slightly better in the dark without using light sources
    • Backstabber (T1): Deal 10% more damage from behind targets
    • Vibrant (T2): When antidoting someone Terrors nearby will become downed

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Optimised Dunning Kruger Asylum to increase performance
  • Fixed the locomotion animations on all characters
  • Fixed an exploit on the forest map that allowed players to jump on top of rocks that were unintented to be accessible
  • Infected traits now work when in human form as well as when transformed
  • Fixed some instances of players getting stuck after executing another player
  • Bullet holes now appear when shooting objects in the environment
  • Players can no longer quick switch away from the camera to avoid the cooldown

v2.3.1[edit | edit source]

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug causing players to crash when connecting to games
  • Fixed bug with 'interrogate' trait causing players to crash