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This is a general guide on How to Play Deceit.

Guide[edit | edit source]


The premise is simple, make it from the bottom floor of an abandoned asylum to the exit on the top floor. The only thing standing in your way? Your friends.

6 of you will find yourselves waking up in a room, 2 of you have been infected with a virus. At first glance the virus has no visual effect... you look no different, you move no different and you sound no different. Until the lights go out.

Periodically you will find yourself engulfed in darkness, during this blackout period the virus can start to take effect, transforming the infected from their human forms into "Terror Forms". During this period they'll run faster, be harder to kill and also gain the ability to execute an Innocent player...

The Innocent players will try and work together to find out who the Infected are, but with very little to work on from the beginning you'll have to find out who you can trust the hard way.

While traversing the asylum you'll find objectives designed to either aid or hinder your escape.

  • Camera - The Terrors are weak to light, flashing a camera at an attacking Terror can slow it down to help you escape until the blackout is over.
  • Blood Bags - Consuming blood bags allows transformed terrors to execute innocents.
  • Lethal Injection - Instantly put another player in human form into bleed out, Terror or Innocent.
  • Inspection Kit - An item that allows you to inspect 1 player in the game and check if they're infected or not.

With little to no information at the start of the game it's up to you to work out the best way to escape and who to trust. Is the person who rushes for the camera just looking to save himself or is he infected trying to deny the innocents the chance to use it against him?

These are the kind of decisions you'll have to make in order to successfully escape the asylum.