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Hans Kinski: Helicopter Pilot

Character Backstory

Reports of unusual activity from German counter-intelligence led Hans to fly a reconnaissance mission deep into the Arctic circle. With 30 years military experience, Hans thought he’d seen it all. Turning back to share his shocking discovery, he finds his lines of communication cut and engines blown. Spiralling down to the frozen Earth below he sees a red glow emerging from the snow, before all turns black.

Character Backstory (No longer available in-game)

Hans’ disgrace was all too public. Being the only survivor in a helicopter full of drunken German special forces does one’s reputation as a decorated helicopter pilot little service. Crashing said helicopter into a Russian Aircraft Carrier means that you’d better get good at disappearing. Kinski did, for 20 years. But Death always has you on his radar, it was just unfortunate that Hans became Death’s personal pilot.