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Chang Lou: Triad Captain

Character Backstory

Enemies in high places are just what naturally comes from being a Triad operative, but when you try to extort an illegal Arms company, consequences are right behind you. Chang is about to come face to face with the terrifying product being shipped between a shadowy bio-weapon developer and a Chinese military splinter group. What is the link between this and the Dunning Kruger Asylum? Only one way to find out. Run.

Character Backstory (No longer available in-game)

There is only one way to stay alive in this line of work, be very good at your job and keep your mouth shut. That is what Chang's Triad initiator had told him all those years ago and the advice became a mantra that he swore by. There was always use for a man like Chang. But time takes its toll and it was only a matter of time before somebody faster on the draw knocked him down. Floorboards taste sour and if Chang ever sees that police officer again he’ll show her what that’s like.