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The camera is an item which can be picked up by either infecteds and innocents. The main job of the camera is to stun the Terrors. 2 camera shots are needed to stun the Terrors, and if timed well, it can save an innocent. Each camera has 6 charges which are displayed as 6%, picking up an additional Camera increases the available charges by 6. There are only 2 Cameras in first stage (12 charges).

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As an infected, getting both cameras in 1st stage means that you can hunt on prey because they can't defend themselves (without a trap).
  • Don't pick up both cameras in first stage, because it prevents others from defending themselves.
  • Always make 2 camera shots and then start using the torch or shoot terrors.
  • When someone is downed you may try to just stun the Terrors, because they will show their true forms (try to be far from vents, they can go through it, while stunned.).