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The antidote is a crucial item to get. It is found on the first and second stage, and sometimes on the third stage. It is the only way to revive a player that has been executed by a terror. It can also be used to revive someone that has been downed by the Lethal Injection.


-When you try to get someone up, try to do it hidden, since the other infected might kill you before you do.

-Try to hide the fact that you have the antidote, if the infected knows about it, you are in trouble.

-If you notice someone has an antidote, you should pay attention, if you get down(or someone else), notify EVERYONE that if you/he/she won't get up, the guy who has the antidote is infected.

-Be careful with the antidote, someone can be picked up as infected at last stage by lethal injection. Don't use it on everyone.

-As an infected, if you have an antidote, you might try to save 1 antidote, and if your teammate gets downed at last round, you might save him.

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