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The antidote is a crucial item to get. It is found on the first and second stage, and sometimes on the third stage. It is the only way to revive a player that has been executed by a terror or the Lethal Injection.


  • Be careful when attempting to revive the first person eaten during a particular night phase because it is likely that the second terror player will be waiting at the downed body and looking for you.
  • The terror players will likely target you both during the day and night if you have the antidote, so it is very important to try to limit the number of players who are aware that you have it.
  • Knowing who has the antidote is very important. If someone has an antidote and you see someone get executed by a terror. If the person who has the antidote does not revive them, you likely now know who one of the terrors is.
  • The antidote can be useful to an infected player as it can save your teammate if they get lethal injected in the final stage.