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Alex Freeman: Journalist & Hacktivist

Character Backstory

For years, Alex worked in the shadows, always on the lookout for his next big story. Alex knows you have to get your hands dirty to uncover the truth. Now researching decades of mysterious disappearances in Dunning Kruger Asylum, he’s on his way to see the place for himself. But after finding the diaries of those that disappeared; this might be the story Alex wished he’d never heard.

Character Backstory (No longer available in-game)

Sooner or later, they were going to catch him. For years, he worked in the light and in the shadows. In co-operation with Sergeant Lisa Barns, he did the dirty work in bringing down even their most clever criminal adversaries. Enemies in high places are just what naturally comes from being a Journalist/Anti-Arms Trade hacktivist, but when you blackmail Arms company executives consequences are just behind you. Alex is about to come face to face with the terrifying product being shipped between a shadowy bio-weapon developer and a Chinese military splinter group. What is the link between this and the Dunning Kruger Asylum? Only one way to find out. Run.