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About Deceit

Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an asylum to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but who escape? Whilst traversing the building the power will be going out creating darkness, allowing the infected players to transform into their terror form and strike. Find allies and complete objectives around the map to better your chances of survival.

The environment has been specifically setup to cause conflict amongst the group, creating doubt about the true intentions of players. The infected will be trying to cover up their group sabotage attempts, whilst the rest will be keeping an eye out for this suspicious behaviour and attempt to join forces with people they think they can trust.

As you progress through the map you'll come across objectives that will help you survive and progress towards the exit. However, you will need to decide which is most important to you, and whether to collaborate or fight with other players over them. With each decision gives players more information and an indication to what team you're likely to be on. However, the perception of each action won't necessarily be seen as a fair representation to others about your intentions as the truth can be easily skewed.

There are blackout periods across the map which allow for the infected to transform into what's known as their terror form. In this form they are much faster, stronger, and have night vision, with only one weakness: light. In this form the infected are truly terrifying, and with an array of intense killing animations players will be able to create some scary but also funny moments.

Overall, the gameplay involves the frenzy of fast paced combat mixed with strategic map positioning, and of course the psychological aspects of determining who is infected.

Last Developer Diary
Latest Patch
  • Arctic Map - Available from Wednesday 10th - due to issues found in beta testing
  • Fuse System
    1. Once a blackout has started the Game Master will activate a Fuse Box and deploy some Fuses around the map.
    2. If you fill the Fuse Box up with Fuses it will cause the blackout to end within 10s.
    3. You require 3/2/1 Fuses out of the 7/5/3 that spawn to complete the Fuse Box. This changes based on the zone you're in.
    4. Spawned Fuses will beep and be outlined when you're near them.
    5. The golden lever in the final zone has been replaced with this system.
    6. It is not required for the Fuse Box to be filled for the blackout to end but you do need to fill it to escape.
  • Map Progression
    1. Once a blackout has finished only one door will open to the next floor.
    2. The day periods are now 90/75/60s, scaling based on zone.
    3. Night periods last 90s.
  • Terror Changes
    1. Terrors now require 3 full slices of blood to be in Terror Form.
    2. You can only execute players when you have 3 full slices of blood.
    3. After executing your blood drains over 10 seconds and you will be put back into human form if you haven't already transformed back.
    4. Each blood bag now gives 1 full slice of blood.
    5. Health has been increased by 25%.
    6. Terrors now move 10% faster than humans, down from 20%.
    7. Fixed a bug where you could drink blood at full strength.
    8. The Camera flash no longer completely blinds you unless you're close.
    9. Terror Sense now scans the area every 5s instead of 10s but only detects running players.
  • A tips system has been added to the game to help new users, this gives instructions on how to play the game as they play for the the first five matches. For the experienced players they can be toggled off from the game settings.
  • Three new sets of diary entries have been added and can be collected on the new arctic map.
  • The loot booth cups game now allows you to choose the cup you want to pick.
  • Players now can re queue to join a new game while in spectator mode.
  • The CCTV cameras used in spectator mode have been replaced with a 3rd person follow camera.
  • Replaced the blurry bleeding out camera with a third person camera.
  • Added French, Polish, and Portuguese translations


  • You now have 40 seconds of Oxygen up from 30 seconds.
  • The 'Vibrant' trait now blinds terrors when they are downed.
  • Reworked the 'Vibrant' and 'Come prepared' traits to work more reliably.
  • To take into account the changes to the loot booth there has been a reworked the rates of rare loot cups appearing in the loot booth cups game.
  • Borrowed Time trait now reduces the time for the door to open by 1s per Fuse you put in the Fuse Box. You will have to complete the new challenge to use it again.
  • Reserves trait now has a chance to leave you with 1 slice instead of only using half the blood.
  • Heightened Senses' trait challenge has doubled and makes Terror Sense update every 4s.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong map was displayed at the start of the loading screen
  • Fixed a bug with the loot cups animations causing them to flicker.
  • Removed rock that was covering some spawn points.


  • Player nametags now fade out the further away you are.
  • You can no longer walk through the target shoot objective.
  • Easter has come to an end and the easter reward system has been removed.
  • New Loot Cups animations
  • Added French, Polish, and Portuguese translations
Latest Patch

v2.7.0 - Thursday 27th April


  • Traps have been added as a new objective reward that can be deployed anywhere. If a Terror walks near one during the night it will trigger, downing them temporarily. It's also worth mentioning that the Infected can deactivate the trap so keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.
  • Added terror voice chat this is a channel only for infected players to help them better coordinate.


  • Increased foliage size in the Forest to break sight lines and allow players to more efficiently hide.

Bug Fixes

  • Female iron sight animation transition issue fixed.
  • The consumable placement in the Asylum has been updated to fix some issues with blood bag spawns.
  • The collision box in staff room has been changed to fix issue where players were registered on the next floor without reaching the next floor.
  • Fixed exploit in North Stairwell of the Asylum where the player could reach floor 3 before it was open.


  • Improved animation blendspaces, this reduces the appearance of a character sliding when running and walking.
  • Blood splats are now applied to the walls when the player is hit by bullets close to them.
  • Armour now displays as a decaying icon in the nametag instead of a bar.
  • The gun is now hidden during the tracker animation
  • You can now select the output device for voice chat.
  • Waypoints were updated, this should have a positive effect on performance.
  • The crosshair should be hidden while running
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